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Yes Marketing creates and produces marketing tools for the Green Industry and in particular, the lawn care industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with independent expertise on ways to generate more leads and sales from residential consumers.

Yes Marketing provides quality printed marketing materials, internet marketing options, and television advertising products specifically for the small to medium businesses in America.

  • Direct Mail: Our Spring and Fall mailing campaigns combine the economy of scale with the personal service you expect. Our complete mailing programs include not only the artwork, printing, and mailing, but also the critical list selection process. Choose from large format self-mailers and multiple post card sizes, all in high quality full color.

  • Doorhangers: Get your professional message directly to those areas that you feel offer the highest potential, without making that big investment in postage costs. Read more about using doorhangers and how they can reduce your marketing costs >>

  • Post Cards: You can use post cards in a variety of ways – as handouts or mailers; to generate additional lawn care leads or sell extra services.

  • Television Commercials: Television advertising is a proven lead generator in the lawn care business. Yes, the up front costs can be high, but for companies with larger budgets, television – especially cable television – can cost-effectively improve response and closing rates from all sources and have a positive impact on retention.

  • Targeted Marketing: Marketing or advertising to consumers who are not likely to buy your service is a waste of money. Whatever medium you use – direct mail, telemarketing, television, or other – Yes marketing will help you get your message to those homeowners most likely to buy your service.

Spring Marketing Follow up Checklist

Spring is the retail equivalent of Christmas in the lawn care and landscaping business. It is your best opportunity for new sales. It’s also the time when most of your current customers cancel. Customers, and leads that may become customers, are precious – not only in the spring, but throughout the year. Below is a follow-up checklist as a "things to do" reminder for this season and all year.

Office staff – Make sure whoever is answering the phones is trained to take advantage of every opportunity and get as much information as possible from each call coming in. If you have leads coming in through the mail or over the Internet, make sure you save and organize them. You may want to refer to them later. Get all of the information into the computer in a data base environment so you can effectively use the data.

If the call is a lead – Where did they hear about you? Where else did they hear about you? Is there anything specific they want you to look at? Have they had a lawn service before and if so whom? When is the best time for you to call them back to go over the estimate? How else can you be of service?

If the call is about customer service – What is the problem? (Note date and time of call.) Make sure they understand how important they are to you and that fixing their problem is your number one priority. Make fixing their problem your number 1 priority. Get out on their lawn as soon as possible and folllow-up. Then follow-up again. Then follow-up again.

Sales / Service call staff - Follow-up on each service call the next day if at all possible. Run leads within 4 to 5 days of receiving them, sooner if possible. Once you run the lead, call the prospect that night to review the information you left them. Call back no later than the next day. The minimum time between running the lead and you calling them back will have a greater impact on your closing rate than the time between you getting the lead and running the lead. Organize your time accordingly.

Be efficient in routing and running the leads. Time is more valuable now than at any other point in the year. Use it wisely.

Have a plan B. If weather prevents you from running leads, distribute door hangers. If leads are not coming in as you had hoped, find another way to generate leads – door hanging, block leading, knocking on doors. As my father used to say - “Do Something, Even If It's Wrong!” Start each morning with a goal and plan what you are going to accomplish that day. Do the same for everyone on your staff. Then, figure out how you are going to adjust that day's goals and objectives if something unexpected comes up. Implement plan B; something unexpected almost always comes up.

Review Bill Hoopes' Training Video "Anyone Can Sell". Make sure your staff reviews it too. If you don’t have it; BUY IT.

These are just a few friendly reminders that may help you this spring and throughout the year. Good Luck. Take care of your customers like they were your best friends – They are.

Don Nichols

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Can you INVEST 2 MINUTES to improve your lawn market share?

We've developed an overview guide to show how to best utilize your cash expenditures for the best return possible which is especially important when just starting out in a new marketing program. We call this our Ladder of Success. Here you'll find an overview guide for your business and how best to market that lawn care business to help improve your chances of success.

While direct mail is the proven winner in acquiring new leads and additional sales, it does require a substantial investment to do properly

Direct mail campaigns are best utilized in quantities of 20,000 or more. Reward vs expense is more in proportion and the response sample size is generally large enough to base future decisions on. There are other marketing tools that can be used effectively when it is difficult to justify the expense of direct mail. (See Ladder of Success). See how you can stay within budget and still build your business starting now.

Ladder of Success

Door hanging and sales oriented post cards are 2 ways to inexpensively market your lawn care business. These product lines are completely customized four-color printed pieces in quantities as low as 500 pieces for post cards and 1000 pieces for door hangers. More Printed Lawn Care Products...

Door Hanging -- build a consistent sales message using our full color products designed to generate more leads for your business including lawn care, mowing, pest controls, tree & shrub, and aeration services and more.

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