Ten Tips to Improve Retention

It's the little things that count in a service business.


• Call ahead to remind your customers of an upcoming application.


• Call after an application to make sure everything is OK.


• Close gates after entering and leaving.


• Sweep or blow off decks, walks and driveways.


• Learn the pets’ names and call them by name if given the opportunity.


• Create rewards for customer loyalty and referrals.


• Never argue with a customer that has a complaint.  You'll never win the argument.


• Keep active in PLANET and your state associations.  These are the best places to learn about your competition and the latest technical info and trends.


• Be professional; make sure all employees in the field have clean uniforms, clean trucks, and are personable and not just courteous, but friendly.


• Guarantee your work--you're not satisfied till your customers are satisfied.


• If you're going to be at an address more than a few minutes, turn off the truck.  An idling truck can not only be annoying, but in these times when more people are thinking "green"-- seeing or hearing an idling truck can draw unwanted negative attention.




Reducing customer turnover is worth every bit of effort you put into it. A lost customer is not only the loss of that customer’s revenue, but can lead to other lost customers and revenue and tarnish your brand.


Do whatever you can to reduce cancels and keep customers.