A Premier Lawn / Landscaping Company


First rule of marketing – find out what people want to buy and then sell it to them. We periodically conduct focus groups of lawn and landscape customers all over the country.  Among the things we ask them, is "What are the qualities that a Premier Lawn or Landscaping Service should have?"


The following are comments that come directly from lawn & landscape customers. This is what they want to buy:


Traits of a Premier Lawn or Landscaping Service as identified by customers:


  • Consistent staff and quality service


  • Qualified lawn personnel that care and have pride in what they do with a professional appearance


  • Make lawn recommendations ONLY as needed


  • Let you know when they are coming and when they are there


  • Guarantee their lawn treatments


  • Honor requests and be responsive


  • Spend the appropriate amount of time needed for GOOD results


  • Get feedback from the customer and USE IT!


  • Payment options in both method and timing


  • Worthwhile discounts for being a loyal customer


  • Personal contact at end of the season


  • Environmentally friendly