Lawn Care Block Leads (Unsolicited estimates)


In some neighborhoods most of the property sizes are very similar in size which means once you have a good measurement for one, you'll be pretty close for the rest.  In some areas you may be able to get actual lawn square footage through the county treasurer's office or some other source.  In either case, you can generate a lawn care estimate for each property on the block.


The concept is to have a tech or sales representative leave unsolicited estimates at homes with an estimate form or door hanger on the blocks targeted.  The door hanger can have a Business Reply Card attached to improve response.  The tech or sales rep makes sure to capture the address and lawn size information to attempt a telemarketing call back later.  This process is usually done in late winter when lawn business is slow in northern markets, but can be done anytime during the early spring or late summer.


Ideally you will want the tech or sales rep to call each homeowner later that evening where you left an unsolicited estimate.  You may be able to find names and numbers through the white pages or some other source on line.  However, this must be done in accordance with the Do-Not-Call federal regulations and chances are that most of the phone numbers you find will be on the federal Do-Not-Call list.


Block lead programs are ideally suited for companies that sell on price, something we don’t recommend.  However, we know there are some companies that have been successful generating new sales with block leading programs.

Block leads are one way of exposing your low price and program to many homeowners in concentrated areas.  Because these estimates were not requested, closing rates on these leads have historically been very low.