Selling Extra Services


Extra services are usually classified as those services that your basic lawn care package does not include. This could be Aeration Services, Grub Control or Grub Prevention, Fire Ant Control, Tree & Shrub Care, Outdoor Lighting, Pest Control or others.  In studies we've conducted, customers who buy extra services typically have lower cancel rates.  This could be that those who buy extra services are happy with your service to begin with and are open to additional sales, or, because the addition of these extra services so improved their lawn and landscape, that they were happier with your overall service.



Extra services means better quality lawns and happier clients


It makes good business sense to market the additional services you offer to your basic lawn care customers and to any lawn care customers that aren't receiving these services.  Not only will your customer be getting a better lawn and landscape and thus be happier with the overall quality of their property, but you'll be gaining additional revenue for a very small investment.



How to sell extra services


Three traditional ways of selling additional services to existing customers are telemarketing, leave-behinds, and direct mail.



Telemarketing existing clients


When using telemarketing, always begin the conversation with a quality assurance comment:


"Hi Mrs. Jones, my name is Joe Smith with Barefoot Grass Lawn Service.  I’m calling to make sure that you're happy with our service and to find out if you have any questions concerning your lawn or are service?"


After addressing any concerns the client may have and making note of them when appropriate, ask them if they're aware of a seasonal or special regional problem that might be an issue for their lawn in the near future, i.e. grubs, fire ants, etc.  Tell them about a special you're having right now that will control this situation.


Even if your client is on the national DO-NOT-CALL list, you don't have to worry about any legal ramifications in calling them UNLESS they requested that YOU DO NOT CALL them.



Using leave-behinds


Leave behinds are any printed materials that address specific problem areas and present solutions to those problems that you can provide.  These can be as simple as a black and white page, to a full color printed piece such as a DOOR HANGER that you leave behind along with the invoice after a treatment.  Obviously, if you're trying to present your company as a professional quality lawn care or landscape service, then all of your printed materials should be of the highest quality: that means full color.


Whatever you leave behind, make sure it addresses the specific issue and how to solve it.  A list of all of the additional services you offer is not necessarily an effective sales tool.  Specific issue pieces cover the problem and your solution for that problem, as well as a special price offer regarding that service.



Direct mail


Direct mail is the most expensive option (mostly due to postage costs), but it is also the easiest to do since you don’t have to rely on your lawn techs to distribute the material and direct mail can cover a much larger area faster.  The easiest way is to send a post card to targeted existing customers who are likely to need the extra service you are promoting.  These post cards, like your leave behinds, should identify the problem, offer the solution and provide a reason to respond - i.e. a special offer or discount.





A less traditional but often quite effective tool for selling extra services is email.  It is by far the least expensive option and does require you to have created a database of your customers that includes their email address.  Your email, just like your leave behinds and post cards, should identify the problem, offer the solution and provide a reason to respond.





The important thing to remember is that selling these extra services is a cost-effective way of generating additional revenue with a minimum of investment.


We strongly recommend creating a regular program of selling extra services throughout the year so that your customers become better informed about how they can improve the quality of their lawn and landscape.  However, do not hassle your customers with phone calls every other week trying to sell them something.  All this does is generate cancels.  Be of service.  Offer them what they may actually want and need in a professional, non-annoying way.