Sell Them What They Want To Buy

Acquiring new lawn and landscape customers has become more difficult over the last few years.  Priorities have changed across the country and you need to tailor your sales message to the needs and wants of consumers today.



What does motivate homeowners to buy lawn care?


Home – and everything that goes with it, including landscape and lawn care – can be linked directly to seven of the sixteen basic desires in intrinsic motivation theory: Acceptance, Family, Independence, Order, Saving, Status, and Tranquility.  Home is for family.  It is a safe haven, a refuge, and for most folks, the biggest investment they will make in their lives.  Everyone wants their home to be nice and safe; valuable and secure; eye catching and even beautiful if they can afford it.  That’s where you come in.  Ask homeowners what they want in their lawn and landscaping and their responses include:




  • Green, thick carpet


  • Lush, beautiful, attractive


  • The grass feels good on your bare feet


  • Eye catching


  • No bugs


  • Healthy


  • As good as, if not better than, the neighbors’



Obvious issues such as security and safety also rank high with most people.  You must be prepared to address environmental issues and the safety of the use of herbicides and pesticides.



How do you convince homeowners to buy your service?


Tell them how you can deliver the lawn and landscape they want for a price they would be happy to pay – and then prove it to them.  How do you prove such a thing?  It’s in the details:


  • Professionalism
  • A strong and consistent brand image
  • Referrals and testimonials – others will vouch for you
  • Reach and Frequency – getting your name in front of the right people at the right time and often
  • Strong advertising – the creative must work
  • Neighborhood involvement – be part of the community


Environmental issues you may need to address:


  • Herbicide use by your company: what are you doing to be earth-friendly?
  • Insecticide use by your company: what are you doing?
  • How safe are my children and pets on a treated lawn?
  • How safe is the water supply from water-runoff of treated lawns?



How do you reach the right people?


The most effective marketing tools are still DIRECT MAIL, TELEVISION (if you have the budget), and REFERRALS.  Other sources include the internet (DIGITAL ADVERTISING), truck sales, and DOOR HANGING.  Some companies have also been successful generating fairly qualified leads from HOME AND GARDEN SHOWS, radio, billboards, co-op mailings and just knocking on doors.  Whatever you use, make sure all of your marketing materials and sales presentations are geared toward present day consumers and their wants and needs.  Find out what each particular potential customer wants to buy; then sell it to them.


Watch the Bill Hoopes sales training video: ANYONE CAN SELL








Cancel rates:

Cancel rates for the lawn care industry average 25% nationwide. That means statistically, you need to replace your entire customer base every four years - just to stand still!



Value vs Price

Some studies say that 30 - 40% of people will buy on price. The good news is that 60 - 70% will buy value when value is effectively communicated.


Give your prospects the opportunity to choose value – to choose you. Prove to them that your company is of better value.


And remember, people who buy strictly on price will cancel as soon as they find a cheaper price – and there will always be a cheaper price.