Training Your Staff


If you want to be a great musician you take lessons and practice, practice, practice.  If you want to be a great athlete, you get coaching and practice and train harder than everyone else.  If you want your staff to be successful in what you are asking them to do you must train them and follow up.  Bill Hoopes, the “guru” of sales training in the green industry puts it this way:





Great organizations:


  • Hire effectively


  • Train continually


  •  Follow up consistently


  • Coach enthusiastically






Years ago Yes Marketing teamed up with Bill to create the sales training video – “Anyone Can Sell”.  This sales training tool has been purchased and used by independent lawn and landscape service providers throughout the United States and Canada for years.  It was also endorsed by PLANET as the go-to sales training tool.  We haven’t published it for the last couple of years simply because producing and shipping the DVD along with the manual became rather burdensome.  With Bill Hoopes’ blessing, we have now made it available for FREE.


View the video below and contact Bill Hoopes at Grassroots Training at or email him at to get more information on how to train and build a successful sales team.