Truck Signage: can help with your brand image





You have a sizable investment in the trucks and vans you send out in the field every day and probably more people see your trucks on a consistent basis than almost anything else about your company.  They can be travelling billboards.  Why not use them to help build your company brand.


With today's new digital technology, sign makers can reproduce just about anything for a truck decal.  That includes dazzling photographs that can be used to build your company's brand and tie in to all of your other communications and promotional materials.


Include your name and phone number, your web site of, and make the entire thing memorable by including a truck-size photograph on the side of a nice lawn, kids enjoying the grass, maybe a dog running across a beautiful lawn.  Now that has impact.  You want people to look and say WOW! Now that's IMPRESSIVE!


Truck sales can account for as many as 7 to 10% of all new sales every year.  Are you getting that?  Will consumers recognize your mailing brochure just because they’ve seen and remember the images on your trucks?


Below is an example of truck signage that supports direct mail and other marketing:



                   Concept Art                                                           Actual





                   Mailer Integration                                      Brochure Integration








Building a brand image


The more people see the same images & graphics associated with your company, the more they will relate those images to your company and the more brand awareness you create.


Build your brand image by using quality graphics consistently across everything consumers will see and by delivering the quality service those images project.