Web Sites

A well designed and frequently updated web site has been a valuable tool to have in your business and marketing tool box for decades.  In today’s digital world of internet shopping and social media communications, it is essential.


A good web site will:


  • Give you instant credibility


  • Generate leads


  • Close sales


  • Improve response and closing rates of all other lead sources


  • Answer questions about your company


  • Allow you to interact with consumers and your customers


  • Help you develop a brand and brand image


  • Help train your employees




A good web site is your company’s window to the marketing universe.  It is how most people find you and find information about you and your company.  A web site gives you the opportunity to say everything there is to say about your company and to explain in detail how your customers can benefit from your service.


To be effective, your web site must be listed in the popular search engines.  Having a web site is no guarantee you'll get listed in the search engines no matter how good your site looks.  It takes a concerted effort to gain popularity in search engines like Yahoo and Google.  This is called search engine optimization (SEO).  Look for a web designer who is familiar with the green industry and search engine optimization for help with your web site.  Design a good one and update it often.