Weeds & Crabgrass - Cancel Reason #1

More lawn care customers cancel over crabgrass and weed control (or the lack thereof) than anything else.  Most home owners recognize dandelions and crabgrass as the weeds they are and they don't like them in their lawns.  Customers expect a professional lawn care company to take care of these weeds for the entire season without being reminded to do so.


Dandelions are easy to treat and spot treat as new ones develop.  Crabgrass is more of a challenge since it is best controlled with a good pre-emergent in the spring and post-emergent applications can be less than effective.  When the customers see dandelions or crabgrass in their lawns, they begin to doubt both the quality and value of your service.  You've got an unhappy customer who is likely to cancel and may or may not call you to complain.  Weed and crabgrass control are two of the basic things a lawn customer expects.  If you can't control these, you're going to lose customers.


Be proactive.  Emphasize to your employees the importance of weed and crabgrass control.  Train your lawn technicians to keep a sharp eye out for crabgrass and other weeds, especially around walks and drives.  Spot treat at no charge wherever possible, especially during the 2nd and 3rd visits.  Talk to your customers about problem areas and the best way to take care of them.  Build your business, brand, and lawn programs around the control of weeds and crabgrass and you will be much more successful in retaining customers.