What Clients Say About Yes Marketing


"We've been using Don Nichols and Yes Marketing since 1997. We've always found Don to give us excellent advice based on his many years of experience in the lawn care industry. We place our trust in Don because we know that he is more concerned with our marketing needs than his bottom line. I always refer people to Yes Marketing with confidence. I tell everyone who calls me about them, "If Don Nichols tells you something regarding marketing, just do it."


Kenny Crenshaw,

Herbi-Systems, Inc.





"The last 2 years, with Yes Marketing’s help, guidance and market insight, has provided us with unforeseen sales opportunities via their successful direct mail campaigns. Not only have we grown in the lawn care department, but direct mail has enabled our sales staff to crossover-sell into interior pest control, termite control, fumigation and other ancillary services. The point of contact with each customer has turned into 2 to 3 sales, all with recurring revenues over time periods beyond the "season" and provides a stable year round employment environment for our employees. Training costs have gone down, retention is up for both customers and employees, and revenues stream 12 months a year. The sales staff now has 11 services to sell all year long. Yes Marketing’s Direct Mail is more than just a lawn sale now."


Nick Dennis





"Yes Marketing is large enough to be a highly professional organization, yet small enough to care for their customer. When my franchiser sold out to BIG BROTHER, they were there immediately to make sure I didn't miss any marketing opportunities."


Bryan McCoy, President

Irish Green Lawn Service, Madison, Alabama




"Since starting my business in 2001, Yes Marketing has had a tremendous influence in our growth and success. They helped me customize a multi-functional marketing campaign using industry related statistics and applied this to our market. In our first year, we added over 500 customers and reached our GOAL!  Since then, we have counted on Don Nichols and his staff at Yes Marketing to enhance our approach to direct marketing and find those customers most likely to use our services.  For an independent Lawn Care provider like myself, Yes Marketing provided our organization with a tested and proven marketing campaign that could compete with large national companies, as well as other local lawn care providers.  All said, with the help of Yes Marketing, we have added over 2,000 customers in 4 years and continue to raise the bar each year. "


Robert Palmer

Weed Pro, Inc.




"We have been clients of Yes Marketing since 1997.  During that time, Don and the rest of the staff have not only helped us in our direct marketing efforts, but have also taken a true interest in our company, and have come up with many creative suggestions beyond our normal requests. As in the rest of the green industry, service matters and sets companies apart. We sincerely appreciate their great service and concern."


Chuck LeBar

Magnolia Lawn






We appreciate what our clients say and continue to say about our services.